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tv   To Be Announced  CNN  July 28, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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send us your tips to that's it for us tonight. sends us your tips to i'm don lemon. cnn international is next. i'm rosemary church. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, coming up for you this hour. fighting has intensified overnig overnight. we'll take a look at the toll this conflict is taking on both sides. we go inside the hamas tunnels israel says are the main target of their offensive.
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>> the european union meets to decide further sanctions in the ukraine. the violence has made it difficult for investigators to reach the crash site so far. >> we begin in gaza and israel. israeli warplanes and artillery have been slamming hamas targets in gaza city and northward. >> and among them was hamas run axa radio. they report the home of the minister of finance were hit. >> it began overnight with israeli flairs shedding light on targets across gaza city. karl penhaul was right in the
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middle of a blast not too long ago. >> each time that happens, the precautions, we have to hit the ground. hit the ground very quickly. we've already taken the windows out of this side of the building. okay, anderson, this is what i was talking about, another very large explosion going on in the very near vicinity. again, if you give me two seconds, i'm going to look out and i can't tell you where that was. if any of my colleagues have information in the next few moments i will let you know. another huge explosion going on in the vicinity of our offices in central gaza right now. >> karl penhaul talking to anderson cooper. the death toll is rising higher. palestinian health officials say nearly 1100 people have been killed and 6500 wounded.
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>> now, in the meantime israel reports that 53 of its soldiers have been killed. mary mueller has more on these latest developments. >> flairs light the sky over gaza city tuesday. as fighting rages on between israel and hamas. at least two people were injured in the strike monday. according to gaza's health ministry. israeli defense forces spokesperson denies responsibility for the strike. according to the health ministry, at least 10 people were killed at the camp. >> israelis and palestinians have a responsibility to stop the fighting now. >> the u.n. security council echoed that appeal earlier, calling for an immediate humanitarian truce. israel's ambassador responded.
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>> if it's going to be quiet in israel, it's going to be quiet in gaza. the equation is simple. >> the u.s. is continuing work on a humanitarian cease-fire which could lead to a sustainable cease-fire. >> it's important to try to build, to begin, and to move in a process, and that's what we're trying to achieve. that is the only way ultimately this conflict is going to be resolved. >> israel's foreign ministry says it's observing an unlimited humanitarian cease-fire. which means israeli soldiers will only fire on gaza when fired upon directly. and will only target where the fire is coming from. >> what we need is a political solution. military solutions will not bring anything. >> this military and diplomatic effort continues, israel's military operation is targeting
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a sophisticated network of tunnels used by hamas militants to attack the jewish state. >> israel has been saying for some time, some of these tunnels were built with concrete, meant for the construction of civilian homes and schools. our wolf blitzer goes underground for a look inside. >> this is priority number one for the israel defense forces. finding and destroying dozens of hamas tunnels, underground escape hatches used to infiltrate israel and launch attacks. i went to the front line to see one of those tunnels with idf lieutenant colonel. israeli forces have uncornered more than 30 tunnels in this area. this tunnel is just under two miles long, and about 45 feet below ground. it begins in yunis and ends here
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in the border with gaza. >> i guess the tunnel was built for relatively short people, if you stand up, you're going to hit your head. i'm not that tall. it's pretty -- pretty secure this concrete. they spent a lot of effort building this tunnel. >> hamas boifts about its network of tunnels, posting this video. before being targeted by an israeli air strike, this video was released by the idf. hamas never got to use the tunnel i visited. >> the israelis found it, they destroyed a big chunk of it back there, they kept this part. it took hamas about two years to build this tunnel with concrete and other supplies that came from israel. >> you say this concrete came from israel. how do you know it came from israel? >> we found the bags. >> basically, the concrete was provided by israsrael to
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palestinians in gaza to build schools, hospitals, stores, apartments, but they used it to build this tunnel? >> yes. >> they have other tunnels that lead into egyptian territory. the idf says the underground passages into israel have only one purpose. >> from what you know, what was the purpose of this tunnel? >> attack soldiers, they won't attack regular people, children, woman, men. >> they wanted to attack israelis and kidnap? >> yes. >> that was one of the rationales israelis suggested was one of the purposes of this tunnel? >> yes. >> wolf blitzer cnn, along the border with gaza. >> and israel says it cost hamas about $1 billion to build each of those tunnels. the ambassador to the u.n. accuses qatar of providing hamas with the financing to build the underground network. becky anderson sat down with an
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exclusive interview with a qatari foreign minister. and she asked him about the charge. >> what is the nature of your support for hamas, can we clear this up? >> qatar does not support hamas. qatar support the palestinian. we are always -- we reach out to our people in palestine. we consider them our family. we build hospitals, roads. if you think this is true for terrorism, then i don't know what we should call what israel is doing with the gazan people. >> if not qatar, who is funding the purchase of long range rockets and sophisticated tunneling equipment? >> you should ask hamas on this. >> you can watch becky's full
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interview with the qatarry foreign minister online. head to the connect the world block on leaders of the european union are scheduled to meet in brussels in just a few hours from now. the measures are aimed at getting russian president vladimir putin to end the influence in eastern ukraine. these latest sanctions are expected to closure pea an markets and impose restrictions on technology that could be used for military burps. all, there are limitations for what many eu members want to do because of the energy deals it has with russia international investigators say they will try again in the coming hours to reach the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17. heavy fighting forced them to turn back monday and over the weekend as well, we should note. nick paine walsh is traveling
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with their convoy many. >> days of planning, but now, osce monitors, time to move. roads cleared by separatists for a convoy half journalists, toward where flight mh-17 still lay in part. we stopped on the edge of the town where the separatists digging in on the roadside -- blocks the media's path while the inspectors continued. >> soon we heard distance shelling and later learned the inspectors had to turn back. >> people fleeing say two planes dropped bombs upon them. >> they're moving us back down the road. two planes dropped bombs and they are fleeing out of fear for their lives. a difficult place for a convoy to continue tluz. a steady flow of fear. the planes flu from this direction, my little one is
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terrified. we pulled back to see more smoke. this car load saying there are ukrainian soldiers there. on the backroads they also fled, and we soon heard too close why. rockets landing nearby. quiet farm lives torn apart before the violence brought down mh-17. now, both these people and the relatives of the planes in limbo. they won't get answers or closure that they need until inspectors can start work. those inspectors felt let down both by the ukrainian army and separatists. >> ukrainians were on the move as you were as well. surely this makes it difficult to try again if at the very moment they're supposed to be
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stopping fighting, they're starting. >> we haven't seen any troop movement ourselves -- we hope we have more substantial agreement about. >> each day lost, another 24 hours of pain for the relatives of those on mh-17. >> to that last point, it's been 11 days since the flight was shot down, it's been unseen by any experts, relatives of victims are furious about that and, of course, a spokesman says he and other investigators are sick and tired of being delayed after monday's additional setback, he expressed confidence about the next attempt today. listen to this. >> we're quite confident still that if we can get out there tomorrow, and i think we will, that work can happen very quickly. we have been out there so mr. days now, where we can pretty well pinpoint where things are right now. we documented a lot photographically, in other
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words, the investigators that have arrived do not have to start from square one. >> 298 people were on board that flight. a number of coffins have returned to the netherlands, it's unclear how many remains it represents. officials say it will take weeks or months to identify all of the victims 37. we are going to take a short break now, just ahead, world leaders are calling for an end to bloodshed in libya, as rival militia groups battle for turf. we will bring you the latest in a moment. plus, officials search for links to the first man to die from ebola in nigeria. those stories and more when we return.
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with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ western leaders are calling for an immediate end to violence in libya. barack obama held a teleconference on monday. they are collectively calling for a cease-fire and appealing to the united nations to help bring about piece. >> libyan militia groups battling for territory right now in what is described as the bloodiest fighting since 2011. >> reporter: thick black smoke rises over the tripoli skyline. heavy sleling can be heard not
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far away, as rival militia's battle for control of the airport. earlier an airbus owned by an airliner erupts in flames on the tarmac all of those signs that libya has descended in the uprising of moammar gadhafi three years ago. the house ministry says in two weeks of fighting, more than 100 people have been killed in benghazi and tripoli, many of them civilians, libya's central government find itself outgunned. over the weekend, fighting forced the u.s. to evacuate its embassy under heavy military protection. britain and other countries are also pulling their diplomats out. germany is one of several nations urging its citizens to leave libya now. flights out of the country are limited.
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the u.s., eu and arab league are ca calling for peace from all sides. >> we're very, very hopeful that together all those people will recognize that the current course of violence will only bring chaos and possibly longer term difficulties. >> the situation in libya is reaching a critical stage. another major story we are watching, health officials are working to track down people who may have come in contact with the first known ebola victim to die in nigeria. a liberian man who travelled to nigeria died of the disease last week, he took three flights to get there. switching planes in ghana and togo. but the airline has not given authorities the lists of passengers from those flights. the world health organization
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says finding links to affected people is essential to containing the virus. listen. >> we understand that in this part of the world, the borders are very porous, it's easy for people to cross one country into another. without detection, without using regular border crossings, so we see the most effective response to outbreaks such as this, is to undertake clinical testing. clinical management, contact tracing is essential. >> liberia has closed many of its borders, the who says more than 600 people have died from the disease in guinea liberia and sierra leone. two american aide workers who contracted ebola while working in liberia. dr. kent brantley was diagnosed after noticing the symptoms last
9:20 pm
week, he issued a message via a colleague at a hospital in texas. >> he said, david, what i would like to say is thank you for all the prayers and messages of encouragement. i'm helping god will help me to survive this disease. pray for me, and pray for my friend nancy who is also very sick and for the doctors who are taking care of us. thank you all so much. >> you heard him mention nancy. nancy is the second u.s. aide worker to contract ebola, she's a personnel coordinator with the aid group serving in liberia. she's been living there for the past year with her husband and children. a cold case is cracked ending in a dramatic shootout. how a cnn program helped lead to the discovery of a suspected child molester. at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool.
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welcome back, everyone, we have a dramatic story to bring you now. the shootout in new york city led to the death of a suspected sex offender. after police were given a tip after a cnn program. >> the case had gone cold in 2012. investigator investigators got another lead after the hunt hosted by john walsh. >> the shootout at this smoke
9:24 pm
shop. >> the officers returned fire. >> members of the u.s. marshalls new york/new jersey regional task force followed a tip that came in to "the hunt." >> my son sat me down and he said, mom, i have something to tell you. and he proceeded to tell me that charlie had touched him inappropriately. >> he had recently been profiled on the show. >> one of the officers went inside and identified mozdir. he was alone inside that smoke shop. it was the white doorway just past the stop sign. when members entered that's when the exchange began. >> two marshalls were wounded. charles was shot dead. >> he had grown a beard and had no intention of being taken
9:25 pm
quietly. >> reporter: alexis green lives down the block from the smoke shop and took these photos immediately after the shooting. >> what i first noticed was a rather large crowd and then some heavily armed police officers with helmets on, detectives, ambulance workers. >> the man you saw being wheeled out, you notice there were tattoos on his arm. did he look like an officer? >> i didn't get a chance to see if it was a suspect or an officer. >> one u.s. marshall shot in the leg, another injured in the arm. the nypd detective shot in the abdomen. none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. >> effectively, what you can see is the bullet hit him in the vest. >> he was last seen two years ago in san diego after being accused of molesting a friend's 7-year-old son. police found his cell phone with images of child porn and
9:26 pm
beastiality. t mozdir seemingly disappeared. >> it's an incredible ending, isn't it? john walsh said himself it was shocking. it shows you what the public can do when they're brought into the picture. >> some were surprised this guy was in new york city. a highly populated place, he wasn't trying to be obscure and in a rural air. sharp turn, we're going to take a look at the weather now. for the fourth time in as many weeks another tropical storm is heading toward east asia. >> surely you have deja vu by now. we say this each and every time, here comes another storm. >> it looks like we'll have the fourth storm in four weeks. a pretty incredible development. active start to the tropical storm, we know these storms, three storms we're speaking of over the last three weeks have
9:27 pm
taken nearly 350 lives. they've left some 7 plus billion dollars in losses impacting taiwan, china, the philippines and portions of japan, now we have one in the works right here, tropical storm 11. another one with a medium chance of formation sitting in the philippines, these storms, the models indicating a good potential to form into a typhoon or a category one equivalent to a hurricane. the went winds at this poernt 80 kilometers. the population based on the 2012 census is the offshore u.s. territory. consistent of around 160,000 people. a sizable region here with population, and the storm system certainly bearing down on this region inside the next 24 hours, eventually moves out over the open waters. it looks like beyond three days it could be eyeing southern japan into the weekend. tremendous rainfall expected in
9:28 pm
this region as well, upwards of 25 centimeters or 10 inches could come down in a matter of a couple days. this would be storm number five in a few weeks. this one developing just west of guam. this particular one also headed for southern japan. the models develop this rather quickly in the next couple days and rainfall with this could be tremendous as well. again, with $7 billion in losses just in the past several weeks with these typhoons, two of which were super typhoons. rosie, you were here for another one several weeks ago, this is shaping up to be a very, very busy season for our friends. >> they keep am coulding, don't they? >> absolutely. >> the people in the region have so much to deal with. >> they're recovering from a busy 2013. absolutely. >> pedro, thanks to you. let's take another short break, still ahead, we've heard explosions throughout the night in gaza. as violence escalates between israel and hamas.
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welcome back to this special edition of cnn. >> here are the top stories we're following for you right now. flares lit up the sky overnight as israeli air strikes slammed hamas targets in gaza city. the ministry of finance and the home of a senior political leader of hamas were also hit. >> a convoy of international investigators will try again in the next few hours to reach the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17 in eastern ukraine. they were forced to turn back monday because of heavy fighting, an osce spokesman says investigators are sick and tired of being delayed. >> western leaders are calling for an immediate end to the violence in libya.
9:33 pm
barack obama held a teleconference with the leaders of britain, france, germany and italy. they're calling on the united nations to bring about peace. a suicide bomber blew herself up in nigeria monday. four people are dead, including the person who was wearing the explosive device. this is the third reported suicide attack in nigeria by a woman. >> we've got reporters covering both sides of the conflict in israel and gaza, the flairs we mentioned over gaza city were accompanied by this eerie sound of drones flying over the area as well. you've been witnessing that on cnn if you've been watching the past few hours. >> you can actually see what's going on on the ground. the escalation follows a week of failed cease-fire talks. and a warning from the israeli prime minister that this will be
9:34 pm
a protracted campaign on monday palestinians were left reeling after the shelling of a refugee camp and a hospital. each side blames the other, and they spoke with cnn, listen. >> how many palestinians need to lose their lives in order for this israeli government to understand that killing more palestinian civilians is not going to contribute to a political resolution to this conflict. >> we did not target the hospital. >> could it have been an errant israeli missile, rocket or shell? >> absolutely not. we have indications and the chief of staff just presented photographs of the launch and the coordinates where it was originated. >> eight of the people hit were
9:35 pm
children. >> that marks the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. >> our karl penhaul spoke with some of the witnesses including the children whose guardians gave us permission to interview them. >> you'll never get to meet mohammed, but his friend next door wants to tell us about him. top of the class at math, barcelona football star lionel messi was his hero. he would always say messi was a great player. he worshipped him. pilar is 12 years old. glass sprayed on me it was so loud, so terrifying, i can't describe it, she says. hoe hamed was just yards from his front door. he and the other kids were
9:36 pm
playing toy guns. the plastic pistol now broken, the children all dead. he reels off their names. >> it's a sight he should have never seen. >> i saw a boy cut up right there. over there a man, he looked dead, and i saw a boy who was dead too he says. a bloody hand mark in a doorway, a lucky escape for them, but not for their grandfather he died buying them holiday candy.
9:37 pm
i saw grandpa, his arms and legs were cut up. witnesses young and old say they heard a drone and then the sound of a missile fired on to their street. while we were there, we saw a militant rocket launched about a mile away. the warring factions blame each other. we've heard their excuses before. but there's no excuse for this or this. just look at the hole this shrapnel has blasted in the car door, imagine the damage that would do to a child's body. as i sit on the pavement with a nurse, the ambulance arrived. i want to go and see my cousin he says.
9:38 pm
he may never have met mohammed, but it's time to say good-bye. while these scenes are playing out in the streets of gaza, within israel, public support is overwhelming. >> there was a recent television pole, and it found 87% of jewish israelis backed this incursion. 69% want to see hamas destroyed completely. >> one parent who lost a child said their other children will fight until the threat is eliminated. >> reporter: as ben's coffin arrived for burial, a chorus of wails and sobbing. but when i meet his parents, they don't cry. they show me bar mitzvah pictures. they tell me he was determined
9:39 pm
to join the galani brigade. they show me this photo taken weeks before he was killed in an ambush in gaza. i ask if they were scared? his father is adamant, but his mother fights back tears. she says, he told us don't be afraid, he knew what he was going there for. there's no reason for people to run when they hear sirens, it has to end now. theirs is a proud military family, their son's commanding officer watches over them as they talk. it's also a devout family with religious portraits on the walls. the jewish people are a moral people. the people on the other side they are the ones without morals. they received mourners at their
9:40 pm
home. hamas rockets are fired over the town on a daily basis. members of their son's unit come to offer their condolences. as do the local rah byes. i asked both parents if they can envision peace? alan is quick to interrupt. peace? who are you going to make peace with? we gave gaza back to them ten years ago, who sits there now? not good people, not good palestinians he says, and both insist that the gaza offensive must continue. the family is prepared for a long battle ahead. >> i have a girl and two more boys, and the boys will follow their brother, they will go into battle and fight just like their
9:41 pm
brother. strong words but still a mother's grief. her son's final steps in gaza are those she hopes her other children will not have to follow. >> pain on both sides of the equation here, as the diplomatic fight to find a solution continues, and the battle on the ground as well. we will continue to try to follow this story from both sides, keeping very balanced coverage, for now, we want to move on to cover another big story. leaders of the european union are scheduled to meet in brussels to decide on tougher economic sanctions against russia. now, the measures are aimed at getting russian president vladimir putin to use his influence to end the fighting in eastern ukraine. >> if approved the latest sanctions are expected to closure pea an financial markets to russian state banks and
9:42 pm
impose restrictions on technology that could be used for military purposes. >> if they continue to supply weapons, continue to supply support, continue to supply training to the separatist cities in ukraine in an attempt to destabilize an independent sovereign country there will be further costs that they will incur. further damage to the russian economy through sanctions that we will apply in response to such aggressive behavior. >> russian president vladimir putin has repeated many times that sanctions rarely reach their goal. in the case of russia, they will not achieve the goal by definition, we are not happy about it, the same applies to european countries seeking sanctions and we know that. maybe we'll become more
9:43 pm
independent and more confident in our own strength, this is also good. >> now, with all of the different entities and voices that are part of this conflict in eastern ukraine, there's one man who is at the center of it, you could say russia's president vladimir putin. what he's done is carefully cultivated an image and persona. he's also done that abroad as well who is the real vladimir putin and how might he react in the face of more sanctions. >> he's front page news. western media trying to get a sense of just who vladimir putin is. snip its of his daily routine, late breakfasts always with cottage cheese. a regular daily swim and a sweat before the power day begins. in the new yorker, a tale from joe biden about this meeting. i'm looking into your eyes biden
9:44 pm
recounted and i don't think you have a soul. mr. putin's replay, we understand one another. putin's domestic critics have long since given up anything resembling peace. to the moscow theater siege in 2002 when russian special forces killed 130 hostages alongside their chechyan hostage takers in a liberation which many say showed a crass disregard for civilian casualties. this incidents quickly forgotten by a public seduced by their strong man president. russians teared when he an ex-ed crim crimea. >> i have a fear about this, it's that putin may actually light a fire that he loses
9:45 pm
control of. in other words, these ethnic enclaves, there's a rising tide of nationalism, and nationalism can be a very dangerous instinct and impulse. >> the tragedy of mh-17 has met with russians stonewalling. a policy mr. putin seems to have carried over from his days with the kgb. in an interview with fareed saturday kara, hillary clinton said russia would only understand tough action. >> if the united states and europe don't present a united front, i think putin's the kind of man who will go as far as he can get away with. i think he's still smart enough and cautious enough to be pushed back, but there has to be a push in order to make that happen. >> and it eases if the kremlin consents the weakness. mh 17 has reinforced the battle lines in eastern u korean.
9:46 pm
and so far the west hasn't done much about it. diana magnay, cnn moscow. >> coming up next, a supposed suicide bomber delivers a message. the man purportedly shown in this video, has a back story unlike most jihadis. peanuts! peanuts! crowd cheers! this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ oh no.
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an al qaeda affiliate has posted a video on social media of the man who's believed to be the first american suicide bomber in syria. cnn cannot independently verify the authenticity of the video. but take a look, it shows this man getting ready to carry out the attack on may 25th. it's been reported he grew up in a middle class neighborhood in florida where his family owns a grocery store. the u.s. government said it believed he travelled to syria and carried out a suicide attack.
9:49 pm
>> u.s. officials say as many as 70 americans have travelled to syria to fight. but it's not the only country with concerns about its citizens joining extremist groups. >> adrian from the canadian broadcasting corporation has this story now of a young man from windsor ontario. >> windsor suns a few of them are starting to be a worry. cbc has learned a handful of windsoritis are fighting with extremists in syria. and that's keeping people in canada busy. this is the second canadian jihadi charged with absentia in a few weeks. is that a surprise at home? hardly. they sounded alarms early, tried incredibly hard to stop him, worked with police but he couldn't be held back.
9:50 pm
>> we put our hands together with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and did all we could to zeal with this situation as peacefully and swiftly as possible. >> how did a man end up posting and boasting like this, of being trained as a sniper in syria. of hiding to watch videos as a young man. of getting into the region despite his own claims he was on a no fly list. we kill and beg to be killed. then about six months ago, he claimed he wasn't fussy about where he fought. i weren't underneath a tunnel, got into gaza, found hamas, but they straight rejected the home. we now know he moved in familiar circles. he can be placed in calgary with jihadis that once lived in this apartment building. among them a suicide bomber, a man burning his canadian
9:51 pm
passport and damian clairemont described by his very good friend he is connected. he once came home to windsor to heal from an injury. that is when the community tried to prevent him from going back, and he wouldn't listen. that is identical to the story we heard from an american filmmaker who shot this documentary in syria about foreign fighters. he described a canadian to us, who claimed to have been shocked at the pressure back home while trying to recuperate from an injury about. >> somehow the security services knew he had been in syria. they couldn't legally do anything to him. they did harass him, and he was really really upset. >> apparently enraged that canada hadn't sent troops to help the syrians, saw himself as actually defending them. stepping up to fight in a battle where the lines are blurred with
9:52 pm
blood. cbc news toronto. a u.s. food company makes a public apology. it comes in the wake of a scandal at a meat packing plan the in china. we will show you what the company said after this short break. stay with us. bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. it's time to bring it out in the open. it's time to drop your pants for underwareness, a cause to support the over 65 million people who may need depend underwear. show them they're not alone and show off a pair of depend. because wearing a different kind of underwear, is no big deal. join us. support the cause and get a free sample of depend at
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angieby making it easy to buyng and schedule service by top-rated providers, conveniently stay up-to-date on progress, and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with the angie's list mobile app. visit today. a u.s. meat supplier is now apologizing after a food safety scandal in china. several top executives went before the cameras in shanghai to discuss this massive problem. take a look. >> we have found issues that are absolutely inconsistent with our internal requirements for the highest standards, processes and policies. why these things took place? by whom they took place. and for what motives they took
9:54 pm
place we simply can't understand. we do not know. >> the company says it will make changes to regain the respect of consumers after allegations it used expired meat. that's what started this whole thing that includes senior management changes in china and adding a quality control center in shanghai to better supervise its business. they plan to use global experts to look over its china operations. you know it's difficult when you travel, some people decide to do the fast food, if you've eaten mcdonald's or k dpfc in china t last few months, this is a story you'll want to keep up to date on. unusual weather for several areas across the united states from a tornado near boston to a deadly lightning strike near
9:55 pm
long. >> what is this about? lightning can strike anywhere? but one guy gets struck on the beach. these bizarre events. is it really that strange? >> for southern california it is. it's one of the least likely places to get lightning strikes. want to show you the perspective across the eastern half of the united states over the past 24 hours. reports of some 135 related storm damages here. seven of which were tornados. one of which just localized the city of boston. take a look at this perspective, tornado coming through, winds 120 miles per hour. damaged nearly 100 homes across this region. this was the first tornado to hit suffolk county in at least 60 years. we know it's a large oak tree. causing some damage, nothing serious. recovery efforts, officials here
9:56 pm
saying it could take several weeks as the tornado came through that region. want to talk about what happened sunday afternoon on the opposite side of the united states in the west coast. this is the radar imagery into the sunday afternoon hours. we had multiple lightning strikes across the area. another one south of santa monica and venice beach. you can take a look at some of the helicopters, scattered thunderstorms which were forecast in this region. we know at least 13 people injured, one fatality, a 20-year-old man died here, all 13 people in the water when the boats struck the water in the vicinity and that man there being resuscitated, he survived, another person losing their life, and to put it in 3er spective, from 1959 to 2012 only 31 people in the state of california have lost their lives due to lightning strikes, you take the state of florida in
9:57 pm
that same time period, only 500. very unusual occurrence here with venice beach. >> it's the last thing you expect out there on a sunny beach in california. thanks. something a bit more uplifting for you now. a 77-year-old german woman is enjoying her retirement with a two-year road trip around the world. >> she left her home in berlin on sunday. dozens of well wishers watched her drive off in a vintage car. she's set to travel across 56 countries including russia and china. >> translator: the entire trip will be something special because i want to get to know the countries and its peoples. after all, i'm not traveling with a tour group p.m. i'm on my own and that's totally different, especially with this old car. >> the car is a beauty, right?
9:58 pm
she's excited about driving on the andes mountains in south america. a photographer is with her, and is a trained mechanic, in case that old car breaks down. if you're somewhere out in the world and see an elderly woman working on a classic car, please give her a hand. she's on a long trip. >> that does it for this hour of cnn's special coverage. >> please do stay with us, we're back with the days biggest stories after this.
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